With over twenty years of experience, our therapists continually seek on-going education to stay abreast of the most up-to-date strategies so that your child may reach their greatest potential. Our therapists are highly trained and qualified in their areas of specialty, licensed by the state of Ohio and have a wide variety of experience working with pediatric and developmental disorders.

We are scholarship providers through the Ohio Department of Education for the Autism Scholarship Program and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship. We also accept private payment and health service account plans. Families who wish to submit claims to their insurance company are provided with a receipt for payment and a superbill including all codes and license numbers needed to request reimbursement.


The Aaris Difference: Passionate, Inquisitive, Thorough

At Aaris, our therapists excel in working with students with reading dysfunction. We are able to identify auditory processing strengths and weaknesses for children who struggle with decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling/writing). We dig deeper to understand the difference between a child’s functional language (the ability to use language effectively) compared to their academic language (understanding and using grade level vocabulary and grammar).
We excel at finding the ways language deficits are impacting your child in other areas, whether at home or school.


We serve a wide range of speech/language needs, including:
● Articulation and intelligibility
● Auditory processing
● Cognition
● Feeding
● Fluency/stuttering
● Oral motor
● Pragmatic language
● Receptive and Expressive language
● Social skills

We provide a full range of speech/language services, including:
● Comprehensive speech-language evaluations
● Individual speech therapy
● Home-based speech services
● Social skills groups


The Aaris Difference: Diagnostic, Problem-Solving, Skill-Building

At Aaris, our occupational therapists excel at discovering the ways fine motor coordination and visual perceptual skills impact reading and writing abilities, and building the skills needed for academic success.
We specialize in identifying the self-regulation and sensory processing issues that impact attention and focus. Our treatment reflects a “whole child” approach, working with children and families to identify the sources of sensory issues and build management skills that will work at home and at school.


We serve a wide range of occupational therapy needs, including:
● Sensory processing disorders
● Fine motor delays
● Motor coordination
● Visual-motor skills
● Visual perceptual skills
● Daily living skills
● Play skills
● Self-regulation

We provide a full range of occupational therapy services, including:
● Comprehensive occupational therapy evaluations
● Individual occupational therapy
● Home-based occupational therapy services


The Aaris Difference: Fun, Goal-Driven, Motivating.

Our physical therapists are amazing at establishing rapport with students. We develop individualized treatment plans that match each child’s needs and goals to the activities that motivate them. Our fun and enjoyable techniques encourage kids to do the hard physical work of strengthening, stretching and balancing with smiles instead of tears!



We serve a wide range of physical therapy needs, including:
● Motor control disorders
● Strength and range of motion problems arising from birth, surgery or traumatic incidents
● Endurance deficiencies
● Balance and coordination concerns
● Posture concerns
● Gait deviations
● Navigation of various environments
● Adaptive equipment needs
● Functional skills training

We provide a full range of physical therapy services, including:
● Comprehensive physical therapy evaluations
● Individual physical therapy
● Home-based physical therapy services


The Aaris Difference: Resourceful, Outcome-Based, Data-Driven

Our behavioral therapists work collaboratively across disciplines to increase the effectiveness of all therapies and improve behavior for attention, task completion and compliance. We use ongoing data collection from multiple settings to prioritize treatment goals and measure progress.


We serve a wide range of behavior therapy needs, including:
● Following rules and directives
● Understanding information given across contexts and environments
● Using expressive language to meet needs, wants, and let others know their ideas
● Increasing expected behaviors across many domains using reinforcement procedures
● Using systematic instruction and reinforcement procedures to teach functional life skills, communication skills, or social skills
● Reduce interfering behaviors (eg, self injury or stereotypy).

We provide a full range of behavior therapy services, including:
● Comprehensive behavioral evaluations (FBA)
● Development of behavior-specific programming goals
● In-home behavior tutors
● BCBA supervision and monitoring of tutors and goals


Aaris Therapy is proud to be an approved provider for Ohio’s Autism Scholarship and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship; programs administered by the Ohio Department of Education. Our team can work with you to learn more about your options.



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