If you have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, “Social Skills” is a buzz word you are quite familiar with — and with good reason! Social skills are much more than being able to communicate with others. Children with deficits in social cognition struggle with initiating and maintaining relationships.

At Aaris, we take this challenge very seriously. We know it’s imperative that children learn how to initiate social events with expected eye contact and focus. It’s important for children to follow social cues like understanding figurative language, inferring other’s intentions from verbal and non-verbal messages, understand and use body language as well as interpreting others’ thoughts and feelings to be fully successful in our society.

Our Social Groups are aimed at helping children unlock their full potential in small group situations as well as in one-on-one therapies. Our therapists and social coaches integrate the most current and innovative practices from across the country to improve your child’s language, organizational skills and social conventions.

Groups meet weekly throughout the school year. Exact days and times of group will be announced once all registrations have been received. Groups are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at our Niles office location.


At Aaris, we know that there’s nothing stronger than a parent’s bond with their child. Our Small Talk group strengthens that bond while accelerating your child’s developmental growth. We focus on developing language and motor skills through our specialized interactive therapy program designed for children 18 to 30 months of age and their parent/caregiver.

We will incorporate music and movement to target goals across developmental areas. You’ll discover how your child responds to musical elements such as melodies and rhythm, and how engaging in these activities helps them to achieve developmental milestones. Children will engage in tasks that provide them the opportunity to practice the development of language and vocabulary, motor skills and coordination, cognition and social interaction.

Classes are limited to 4 children and one parent/caregiver per child per session.


Aaris Therapy is proud to be an approved provider for Ohio’s Autism Scholarship and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship; programs administered by the Ohio Department of Education. Our team can work with you to learn more about your options.


Our after school social group program is designed for students who struggle socially and with organization skills in their academic setting.

The program uses alternative types of therapy such as expressive arts therapy and yoga combined with speech/language therapy and occupational therapy to improve language, communication, organization, thinking about others and what is expected as well as calming strategies for anxious moments.

We will explore working in groups and how that differs from working independently as well as the skills needed to do both!
SUMMER: contact us for information on our summer social group camps!


(Ages 3-5)


School readiness:
● Sitting at circle
● Walking in a line
● Waiting
● Working with letters/ numbers
● Recognize printed name
● Calendar: Days, Months

Communication and Social Skills:
● Adapted to your child’s needs – will assess strengths weaknesses and build from there
● Asking for help
● Moving from play beside peers to play with peers
● Using imagination
● Staying with the group

Exercise and music:
● Daily breathing and stretching
● Using Music to learn the basics


(Grades K-6th)


School / Academics:
● Reasoning
● Inferring
● Task completion in a given timeframe
● Use of graphic organizers
● Deciphering math word problems

Communication and Social Skills:
● Focus on ‘just right’ length and content for audience and context
● Understanding and using personal space rules
● Understanding rules and when they apply
● Predicting others’ thoughts and feelings

Exercise and Music:
● Daily breathing and stretching
● Using music to infer and reason


(Grades 7th-12th)


School/ Academics :
● Organization / Planning
● Time Management
● Independence
● Homework management
● Projects
● Extended response using graphic organizer

Communication and Social Skills:
● Code switching (talking to peers vs. adults)
● Navigating the lunch room
● Working in a group
● Understanding and responding to others’ thoughts and feelings
● Understanding and using humor

Exercise and Music:
● Daily breathing and stretching
● Using music to decrease anxiety


To register for Aaris Therapy’s After School SOCIAL GROUP Program click on the link below for more information


At Aaris, we offer a range of evaluations to determine your child’s needs in the areas of social skills and cognition. From a brief consultation to a comprehensive evaluation to develop a multi-therapy treatment plan, we can give you the information you need to make informed decisions for your child.



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