Your parent instinct may be telling you that there is something going on with your child that just seems different. Listen to your gut! Get the information you are seeking and then rest that you did your job as the parent. Many times a special education consultation is enough information to put your mind at ease. The recommendation might be- keep doing what you are doing and keep up the great work! The recommendation might be- let’s do an evaluation to determine your child’s strengths so we can use those strengths to improve the areas in need! 

Your child may have already been diagnosed with a speech/ language, motor, or social communication disorder and you are still unsure how to get him/ her the services he/she needs. Start with your school district! Children as young as 3 years old are the responsibility of your residential school district and may qualify for special education services. The school can evaluate your child for any developmental differences that you might be seeing or if your child already has a medical diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Younger than 3 years old? You will want to contact your county Help Me Grow program! This is an excellent resource for parents and children birth to 3 years old.

Is your child already school age and on an IEP (individualized education plan)? School districts are great at working with students with struggles particularly when those struggles are impacting their access to the curriculum. The school district’s job is to assist your child and provide services so that the child can be successful in the school environment. Sometimes this is not enough, particularly if your child is struggling across environments (which most of them are!). This is where Aaris Therapy excels!

For 19 years we have been working in the schools as school based therapists in conjunction with working with families out of our office in Niles, OH ~ bridging the gap between school and home based therapies. We are one of the few agencies in the area to offer after school and summer social skill programs for those who struggle with attention to task, emotional regulation, understanding perspective, initiating interactions, and understanding humor and human relations. We incorporate yoga (breath, movement, body awareness, present moment) with Registered Yoga Teachers, music, outdoor activities when the weather permits, and concepts/ curriculum materials from leading social emotional researchers.

We are an approved provider by the Ohio Department of Education for the Jon Peterson Special Needs and Autism Scholarship. More information can be found here: ODE Autism Scholarship Program and here: ODE JPSN.

Aaris Therapy’s scholarship information page.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you get the services your child needs.